Condo & Apartment Painting

Our condo and apartment painting services are suitable for a wide range of situations. Refresh your old apartment or rental for your new tenants. Remove outdated wallpaper and give the place a fresh, modern coat of paint instead. Or if you’re moving into a new space, get a look that matches your style and furniture.

Whatever your condo and apartment painting needs, we get the job done right.

Environmentally Friendly Paint

We use paint that’s free of (VOCs) to offer a greener way to paint your home.



Get help with choosing the right sheen or coating for your space.


Personalized Quote

Get a quote based on the time, materials and size of the job.

Condo & Apartment Painting

Our condo and apartment painting services can be tailored to your needs and situation, and can include:

  • Wallpaper removal
  • Colour transitions (additional fees for tools and cleanup may be required)
  • Technical advice for choosing the right coating or sheen
  • Special primers for homes where a previous tenant smoked
  • Environmentally-friendly, VOC-free paint and tint options

For some condo and apartment buildings, it’s necessary to deal with the maintenance manager for the building. In these cases, it’s important to note that there may be limitations on the hours we can work and the services we can provide. Please let us know in advance, if possible.