Deck & Fence Staining Services

Have an old deck or fence that could use a renovation? This kind of upgrade can have a large impact on your home’s curb appeal and resale value. Our deck and fence staining services are great for bringing your old, peeling or grey outdoor structures back to life.

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing removes dirt and peeling paint to give your fence or deck a clean look.



Our HEPA-filtered vacuum and sander eliminates dust to reduce cleanup.



Choose between a semi-transparent or transparent stain for a polished look.

Give Your Deck or Fence a Facelift

Our deck and fence staining services follow our tried-and-tested staining process to ensure that you get a great, long-lasting finish on your outdoor structures.

First, we pressure wash your deck or fence to remove any surface dirt, dust and debris. We let it dry for three days to make sure the stain applies properly.

Sometimes a mechanical sander is required to get the rest of the dust and peeling paint off of the surface. We can supply a HEPA-filtered vacuum attached to a sander, which is good for eliminating dust and removes the need for extensive cleanup.

Finally, we apply the stain and seal it. You can choose whatever sheen, varnish or polyurethane stain that you want to use, but we always recommend a semi-transparent or transparent stain.