Professional Colour Consultation

Choosing the perfect colour and finish for your home doesn’t have to be difficult. At McHugh Painting, we have partnered with experienced designers who can provide a professional colour consultation to help turn your home into a perfectly designed space.



Take the work out of choosing the right colours for your home or apartment.



Our hand-picked designers have a track record of creating beautiful designs for our clients!



We have experience working to implement the designer’s recommendations.

Why Work With a Professional?

For many homeowners, creating a well-designed space that expresses their personality and feels like a cohesive whole is what makes them feel ‘at home’. If you want help with the design of your home, like furniture, flooring and paint colours, we can recommend a designer to provide you with a professional colour consultation.

Your professional colour consultation will include the creation of a colour palette for your home or space. The palette will lay out your designer’s selections so you know what the finished product will look like.

After the consultation, our team can complete the painting required to bring the design to life.


How We Can Help

The team at McHugh Painting has experience working with designers, based on professional colour consultations, as well as working with real estate agents who have recommended colour changes for selling a home.

Connect with us today to get started with your professional colour consultation.